Repair and Calibration Service
- - - - Repair and Calibration -  -  -  -
Krohn-Hite instruments being returned for repair or calibration must be accompanied by a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number.
To receive an RMA number, please complete the RMA Request below.

A price estimate for the evaluation, repair and/or calibration will be given at the time an RMA number is generated. If damage is severe or test data is required, there will be additional charges.

All instruments are calibrated to NIST traceable standards. All repaired and/or calibrated instruments will be returned with a Certificate of Calibration at no charge. If data is required, an additional charge of $125 for incoming and $125 for outgoing data will be applied. There is a $50 charge per unit for calibration certificates requested after the unit has shipped. Data cannot be provided once the unit has been returned after service.
- - - - Retrofits - - - -
There is a charge of $275 (plus the price of the option) to retrofit any option into an existing instrument. RMA is required.

- - - - Warranty - - - -
All new Krohn-Hite products, unless otherwise stated, are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for two years from the date of shipment. Damage caused by misuse of your instrument is not covered under the warranty program. Warranty repairs are guaranteed for a period of 30 days from the date of shipment.

Extended warranties are available.
- - - - Returning Your Instrument for In-Warranty Service - - - -
Warranty service is performed at the Krohn-Hite Corporation factory located in Brockton, Massachusetts. You will need to contact us and get an RMA (return materials authorization) number before sending your product back for service. Please note, the shipping cost of returning an instrument for in-warranty service is your responsibility. Once serviced, Krohn-Hite will pay the return cost.

- - - - Return for Service Shipping Information - - - -
All repair and calibration service is to be sent to the following address:

Krohn-Hite Coprporation
Attn: Service Department, RMA ###
15 Jonathan Drive, Unit 4
Brockton, MA 02301-5566

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